Reliable Towing & Recovery

Professional Repossessions

Reliable Towing & Recovery is a full service asset recovery company with the tools, knowledge & team needed for the best & most reliable service.  We can lawfully repossess any collateral having a lien or UCC filing!


Lawful & prompt asset recovery service from customers who may or may not not wish to voluntarily surrender your collateral

Legal Services

Reliable Towing & Recovery stands ready to provide additional service for the hardest cases including Sheriff Seizure & Replevin assistance

Fully Insured & Certified

We are are a fully insured repossession company & our team members are certified to back our compliant services with professional knowledge


We spend the time & money needed to build professionals


We maintain professional insurance for solid protection


Users can send assignments to us through this portal


Users can send assignments to us through this portal


We keep multiple LPR systems roaming around at all times


With 2 recovery trucks & 2 spotter cars, we can normally find, secure & transport your collateral with ease


Let our professionals manage everything for you, all the way through delivering the asset to a sales facility of your choosing

Secure Collateral Storage

Assets are protected at all times in our insured, well-lit storage facility with physical, electronic and human elements to help prevent issues.


To get collateral ready for processing, we can cut keys for all makes & models of vehicles through our network of trained professionals


We closely work with a local Auto Auction to evaluate, estimate and assist in selling repossessed collateral for a fair market value

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